Beginner Fancy Fold Class Series

 Announcing . . . 

edited: YES you can still enroll in this class 
you'll get access to all 6 months information
and you will receive all kits going forward

Each month you'll get:

  • A CARD KIT - with all the parts cut to assemble and embellish the fold of the month
  • INSTRUCTION SHEET - a PDF with step-by-step photo instructions
  • an EXCLUSIVE VIDEO - explaining the construction and the concept of the fold
  • a 2nd EXCLUSIVE VIDEO - showing the construction of the kit card
  • a CUTTING TEMPLATE - so you can create additional cards of your own with the fold
  • GALLERY ACCESS to more photos of other projects made using that fold

How easy are these folds?

  • not to worry - they will be easy to construct 
  • and easy for you to duplicate and make more
  • but also rest assured, you will definitely wow your friends when you send your cards

The internet knows everything – so why pay for this info?

good question
  • first: I save you time researching ideas
  • second: I save you time experimenting with sizes
  •  and last: you might learn a new fold you didn't know existed

Who is this for?

  • definitely designed for beginners
  • but also great for people who don't want to spend time researching ideas

    and the biggest reason you want this class
  • its for people who want an in-depth explanation of the fold showcasing a variety of different variations on the basic fold . . . a much more complete understanding of the mechanism and how to alter it  than if you just watch a video showing how to make one version of the fold

How much is this class series?

  • $52.50 for the series -  monthly payments of $8.75
  • NOW a single payment of $46.50 (you save $6)


You'll also get a bonus video showing how to make a split front panel card 



The course started in January of 2021
your single payment now of $46.50
gets you access to
all 6 months of digital content as they post
plus the kits going forward through June

A special note to Crafty Crew Members:

you will get access to the video, PDF and photo gallery or free so only sign-up if you actually want the card kit.

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