INKcredible Fancy Folds for Beginners


Round 2 started July 2021 . . . YES you can still join and get ALL the digital content

plus get in on the monthly packets for October - Dec


Each month you'll get:

  • 2 Card Kits
    ... with all the parts cut to assemble and embellish the fold of the month

  • Step-by-Step Assembly Instructions
    ... as a downloadable PDF
    ... and in a video

  • Concept Video
    ... a full explanation of the the construction and the concept of the fold
    ... as well as  variations you can make to the design

  • a Cutting and Scoring Guide
    .. so you can create additional cards of your own with the fold

  • An Inspiration Gallery
    ... with photos of other projects made using that fold

How easy are these folds?

  • not to worry - they will be easy to construct 
  • and easy for you to duplicate and make more
  • but also rest assured, you will definitely wow your friends when you send your cards

The internet knows everything, right? – so why pay me for this info?

good question and I have 3 good answers
  • if you're like me time is a precious thing, I can save you time
    ... time researching ideas
    ... time experimenting with sizes

  • if you're someone who likes to understand how things work
    you're going to love this class - I kind of take this to the extreme.
    I show you lots of different ways to change up the basic fold

  •  and last: you might learn a new fold you didn't know existed

Who is this for?

  • definitely designed for beginners
  • but also great for people who don't want to spend time researching ideas

    and the biggest reason you want this class
  • its for people who want an in-depth explanation of the fold showcasing a variety of different variations on the basic fold . . . a much more complete understanding of the mechanism and how to alter it  than if you just watch a video showing how to make one version of the fold

How many classes are there? . . . and what is the cost?

Round two is 6 lessons total . . . sign-up now and get the kits for the next 3 months along with the digital content

The cost for the remaining kits and the digital content for all 6 months:
  • concept video explaining the fold and how to cut
    plus two additional videos showing construction and decorating of two cards
  • cutting and scoring template . . . so its easy for you to re-create the fold
  • photo gallery with over a dozen samples . . . to inspire your creativity

All for only $45

A special note to Crafty Crew Members:
you will get access to the video, PDF and photo gallery or free so only sign-up if you actually want the card kit. 


1 comment:

  1. I loved the Fancy Folds class. The paper instructions included with the kit were easy to understand and the video instructions were helpful also. Everything was cut and scored already. It's nice to have the instructions on hand to make a card on your own in the future.